Three Fantastic Truck Advantages

19 May 2022
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If you haven't had the pleasure of owning a truck yet, then you might decide to get one after you learn more about some of the many great things they can offer. The ways they can benefit someone are numerous. However, you'll be able to read about three of the big advantages they bring in the content detailed below:  1: Have a huge bed for your things instead of a limited trunk Read More 

Do You Need Service Records When Buying A Used Car?

17 March 2022
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If you're buying used, you may be looking for the holy grail: service records. Service records tell you a lot about a car's history and can answer numerous critical questions. Unfortunately, they're also somewhat rare. Many owners don't keep records for maintenance or repairs, which can be frustrating and mean that used car buyers must go into their purchases blind. The relative rarity of these records doesn't make them unimportant, however. Read More