Best Approach To An Unavoidable Deer-Related Accident

23 October 2015
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Are you a person who is afraid that you might hit a deer on the roadways? Deer tend to migrate closer to roadways between October and December between the hours of dusk and dawn. Armed with this information and defensive driving techniques, you can reduce the chances of you having a deer-related vehicle accident. However, accidents can and do happen, and the following information will help you know what to do if you experience a deer-related accident.

What to do During the Accident

A serious or fatal accident can occur whether you choose to go ahead and hit a deer in your pathway or attempt to swerve to miss it. This is why some people do not know which course of action to take. The best course of action is to remain calm and keep control of the steering wheel while braking. Continue braking until your vehicle comes to a stop.

What to do Immediately After the Accident

The deer may be alive after the crash. Do not attempt to approach the animal if it is attempting to survive, and treat the animal as if it is alive even if it appears dead. This is because the collision may have merely knocked the deer unconscious. It could awake startled and injure you.

In some cases, deer may go through windshields and get trapped in vehicles. Exit your vehicle, and get to safety if you are able to, even if it means lying on the ground waiting for help. The hooves and antlers of deer can cause fatal injuries, and a deer trapped in a vehicle may kick and make other movements in an attempt to free itself.

Turn off your vehicle. This is because fluids may be leaking from your vehicle, which could be flammable, or they may cause mechanical damage to the engine or other critical components. Ensure you activate your hazard lights to warn other drivers an emergency situation is occurring. This can also aid in helping police and emergency respondents find you quicker if you are in a high-traffic or low light area.

Be as thorough as possible when providing information about the moments leading up to the accident. This includes how you responded. If possible, take your own pictures of the accident scene. This is because some jurisdictions may not release photos taken by the police to accident victims.

A collision repair center is a good resource to use if you have an accident as a result of a deer. Many of these companies offer towing services which will allow you to have a one-stop solution for towing and collision repairs. They can also assist with filing insurance claims, and they may also be able to offer additional information to help you avoid future animal-related accidents. 

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