Best Used Truck Features For Rural Areas

6 November 2015
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Driving in rural areas comes with its own set of challenges. Drivers in these communities frequently find themselves on muddy gravel roads that can be difficult to navigate and hard on their truck's suspension. Knowing all of this, any used trucks you're thinking about buying should be up to the challenge of driving under these difficult conditions. As you shop for the right used truck for you, pick used trucks that have the features described below. Doing so will make your life easier and may even help keep you safe.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is important for preventing your used truck from sliding when winter arrives and the snow plows take a while to get to your roads. All-wheel drive gives power to all wheels during slippery or muddy driving conditions. If you can't find an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle, front-wheel drive (FWD) is better for slippery roads. You may find rear-wheel drive trucks for sale because rear-wheel drive (RWD) gives more power to trucks that carry heavy loads in the back, but unless you plan to carry exceptionally heavy loads in the bed of your truck, AWD or FWD are better for driving on slippery roads.

Colors that Don't Show Dirt

If day-to-day use of your used truck will take you on muddy or gravely roads, it's better to pick a truck that comes in a color that will hide dirt. Gold is a good color for hiding dirt and scratches from thrown rocks. Silver is helpful as well. These medium-toned colors match the tone of dirt well and also don't showcase scratches the way some darker colors will.

Dark colors and light colors both contrast dramatically against dirt and grime, which means that white trucks and black trucks will constantly look dirty when driven in your area.

Good Suspension

Check the suspension of any used truck you're thinking about driving, especially if you have a gravel driveway or frequently travel on rocky roads. To test the suspension, put the car in park and push on the hood of the car several times. When you let go, the car should bounce only a couple times. If it bounces more than a couple times, then the suspension in the truck is not good and will need to be replaced. To avoid this problem, buy a used truck that has good suspension.

For more information about the best used trucks for your area, speak with an experienced and trustworthy car dealer in your area, such as Auto Max.