Why You Should Paint Your Construction Equipment

17 November 2015
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If you have a fleet of heavy construction equipment -- such as loaders, excavators and other similar equipment -- you may not have ever thought about having it painted. However, there are quite a few perks to painting your construction equipment, whether it is old or new. Consider these benefits; once you do, you might be ready to schedule an appointment with a professional to have your equipment painted today, or you might decide to invest in the supplies and paint it yourself.

Focus on Branding

First of all, you should consider the branding benefits of painting your construction equipment. Lots of equipment is yellow or orange, so it can be difficult to differentiate the equipment that is used by each company. However, there are probably certain colors that can be associated with your business, such as the main colors that are used in your logo. By painting your construction equipment in these colors, you can focus on branding and can make sure that your equipment really stands out and gets attention. If you want to focus on branding even more, consider having your logo painted on the sides of your equipment after the new paint is added.

Protect Against the Elements

If the paint job is worn out on some of your equipment, you do have to worry about your equipment being damaged by the elements. Equipment that does not have a nice coat of paint with a nice top-coat is more likely to become scratched, which can cause it to look worn out much more quickly. Plus, you have to worry about rust when your unpainted equipment gets wet due to rain, ice or snow. If you paint your equipment now and ensure that a good top-coat is added, however, you can protect your equipment from these issues. This can help it last longer and look better.

Help Prevent Theft

Construction equipment is not cheap and can be quite appealing to a potential thief, whether you are talking about an employee or someone who might burglarize your business. If your equipment is painted in a bright or otherwise unusual color, however, theft is less of a concern. Plus, if your equipment is stolen, there is a better chance that it will be recognized and returned.

As you can see, having your construction equipment painted is a good idea in many situations, so consider giving all of your equipment a new coat of paint so that you can enjoy all of these perks and more. Talk to a company like Scott Equipment to learn more.