3 Reasons To Consider A Truck As A Bug Out Vehicle

1 June 2016
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A bug out plan is the plan that many people create and use in times of emergency of disaster to get themselves and their loved ones to safety until the disaster passes. A major component of the bug out plan is the bug out vehicle, which can be any car, truck, or SUV that you intend to use to transport your family and supplies when you are leaving the disaster area. Listed below are three reasons to consider a truck when shopping for a bug out vehicle. 


One of the most important aspects of any bug out vehicle is the ability to handle tough terrain and rough handling without falling apart or breaking down. This is because many bug out plans call for you and your family to be evacuated to a remote place that is well away from the disaster, which means that rough terrain could put a lot of strain on the vehicle. In addition, you will want a vehicle that is durable enough to last for quite some time as you never really know how long the disaster may last.

A truck is ideal for this as many trucks are designed for use in some very rugged conditions and harsh applications. For example, many trucks are consistently being used by farmers and contractors, which are industries that can easily put a lot of strain on a vehicle.


Another major component of a bug out vehicle is storage space. When you evacuate yourself and your family, you will want to make sure that you are heading to your bug out location with all of the supplies that you may need until the disaster has passed.

This means that you need space for a lot of food, medical supplies, water, and fuel for your vehicle. As a result, a truck is perfect for this role as the large bed provides much more storage than a car, as well as more storage space than most SUVs.

4-Wheel Drive

Finally, trucks are a good choice for bugging out because they will often have the option to have 4-wheel drive. This option is ideal for a bug out vehicle because during a disaster it may be difficult to navigate the normal roads due to damage from the disaster, traffic from other people trying to escape the disaster area, or obstacles in the road. With 4-wheel drive, you will have the ability to simply go around those obstacles or to utilize less traveled roads and trails that 2-wheel drive vehicles may not be able to handle well.

Visit your local Ford dealer in order to look at and test drive the large number of trucks that would fit well into your bug out plan. These trucks are a good choice due to their durability, storage space, and the availability of 4-wheel drive options.