4 Great Family-Friendly Features To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

29 July 2019
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When you have kids, what you need out of a vehicle changes. You need a vehicle that will not just get you to where you need to go, you need a vehicle that will help take care of your kids as well. Here are a few fun, family-friendly features you should look for in your next vehicle.

A Voice Enhancement System

Driving an SUV or minivan can provide you with the space that you need for your family, but it can also make communicating with your kids who are sitting in the back seat pretty difficult. That is where a voice enhancement system comes in. A voice enhancement system is a system of microphones and speakers that allow you to easily talk into the microphone while you are in the front of the car and allows your children to hear you through the speakers in the back of the car. This will make communication with your kids in a big vehicle a little easier.

In-Vehicle WiFi

The truth is you need internet access for your tablets and smartphones to keep your kids entertained. Most games and streaming services require internet access. When your vehicle has WiFi installed on it, you can easily hook your kids' tablets up to the WiFi system, making it easy for your kids to be entertained when you are on the road with them. You will have to pay for an additional data plan, but it will be worth it when you are able to enjoy a peaceful commute with your kids.

Electric Cooler

Kids always seem to be hungry and thirsty, even if they just ate. Which is where having an electric cooler in your vehicle, that plugs in and keeps things cold, can be so great. You can keep drinks and snacks in the cooler, so that way you don't ever have to hear your kids tell you how hungry they are in the car again, as you sit there unable to do anything to help them out. An electric cooler makes it a lot easier to give your kids a snack after lunch or endure a long road trip together.

Adjustable Sunshades

Kids sit at the perfect height in a car so that the sun always seems to be constantly hitting them. Having retractable sunshades allow you to easily keep the sun out of your kid's eyes. Some vehicles even come with motorized sunshades, so you can control the sunshades from the driver's seat.

When you look for your next vehicle, look for one with a voice-enhancement system, in-vehicle WiFi, and electric cooler and adjustable sunshades. These are a few great "extras" that help turn a vehicle into a family-friendly one. For more information on new car options in your area, visit a place like Gary Rome Kia.