Need To Purchase A Hooklift Truck? 4 Factors To Consider

29 December 2020
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If you need to purchase a hooklift truck, it is essential to know how you plan to use the truck and what you want the truck to be capable of doing so you can get the full functionality of the truck.

Factor #1: Amount of Power

First, you need to consider how much power you need. The power you need will depend on the loads you plan on carrying and how much reach you need with the system. Generally, the larger the loads and the more reach you need, the more power you will need. Assess the jobs you are doing now and the jobs you want to do in the future to help you to determine how much power you need.

Factor #2: Hooklift Movement

Next, you need to determine how you want to move the hooklift. You can either have it slide back and forth, or you can have it tilt. You can also purchase a hooklift that will both slide and tilt for you. Having a combination hooklift can provide you with the greatest amount of versatility. With a sliding and tilting lift, you will be able to transfer items more efficiently and account for low headroom.

Factor #3: Frequency of Use

Third, you will want to evaluate how frequently you will use different features such as tipping, lowering, and changing loads. By knowing how often you use these features, you will be able to evaluate the sequence and speed options for those features when you look at trucks. If you do a lot of dumping, for example, you will want to look for a vehicle that provides you with lots of speed options so you can control the angle and speed that items flow out of the back of the truck. You want the controls to allow you the customization you need based on how frequently you use various features.

Factor #4: Body Size

Fourth, you need to consider the size of the body of the back of the truck. With a taller demountable body, you will be able to carry more items. However, a taller body also means more weight, which can impact gas mileage and height, which means you will need to be more aware of the clearance when operating the truck.

When it comes to purchasing a hooklift truck, you need to really assess how you will use the truck. This will allow you to know what custom options are worth splurging on and will give you greater insight into the features you need for a hooklift truck to be a good investment for your business.

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